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Not only do we help you build big horsepower, but we can build a transmission to handle it. We are an authorized dealer for TCI, Hughes Performance and Coan. This means you can receive better pricing on parts and torque converters than buying direct. 

Plus, since we already know your engine combination, we can recommend the right parts to withstand the horsepower. Even if you didn't purchase your engine from us we can still help you get the right transmission.

Torque Converters
Let us help you pick the right torque converter for your application.  We track test numerous torque converters in different engine/car combinations. This gives us that hard to find practical knowledge needed when selecting a torque converter. Whether you utilize a throttle stop or run all out; race at altitude or sea level tracks, we can help you find that "perfect combination" of power and consistency.

We also offer transmission freshening/rebuilding services.  Broke your existing transmission? No problem, we have the skills, tools, and parts to get you back on the track in no time.

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