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We offer a wide variety of services to support your racing operation. From engine freshening to chassis setup, we can keep your racecar running in top form. Click on the links below to find out more about the service you are interested in.

Engine Freshening

Transmission Freshening

Machining Services

Engine Dyno Service

Chassis Tuning Service

Differential Repair/Setup


Engine Freshening
Freshening your engine is an important part of maintaining your racecar.  Often times problems can be discovered during the freshening process that would otherwise lead to disasterous results.  Whether we built your engine or someone else did, let us perform your next freshen up. Our engine freshening program is the most thorough in the business and includes the following important elements:

  • Completely disassemble and thoroughly clean all parts
  • Inspect each component for wear or damage
  • Magnuflux the crankshaft
  • Check crankshaft and connecting rod size
  • Polish crankshaft
  • Check piston to cylinder clearance
  • Hone cylinders
  • Disassemble and thoroughly clean the heads
  • Vacuum test valve ports for proper seal
  • Grind valves and seats as necessary
  • Check spring pressure and installed height
  • Reassemble the heads with new seals
  • Install new cam bearings
  • File fit and install new piston rings
  • Install new rod and main bearings
  • Check all bearing clearances and end-play
  • Degree the camshaft
  • Reassemble engine with new gaskets and seals
  • Prime the oil system and check for leaks

Transmission Freshening
The rigors of racing can be hard on drive train parts especially the transmission.  Have us freshen your transmission and we will perform the following tasks:

  • Completely disassemble and thoroughly clean all parts
  • Inspect each component for wear or damage
  • Recertify SFI case and shield if needed
  • Install new clutches and band(s) as necessary
  • Set band preload
  • Reassemble with new seals and gaskets

Machine Service
We are a complete automotive machine shop with the latest in machine shop technology and years of experience. This means that when you bring your parts to us, you can rest assured that the job will be done right. We have the capability to perform the following maching jobs:

  • Block boring and honing
  • Block decking
  • Engine balancing
  • Rod reconditioning
  • Piston machining
  • Block/head cleaning
  • Cylinder head reconditioning
  • Line boring
  • Crankshaft repair

Engine Dyno Service
We have our own in-house engine dyno.  We use the Superflow Xtest dyno system capable of testing engines up to 2000 horsepower.  So much can be learned about your engine by running on a dyno. Without testing your engine on a dyno you are forced to test by the costly trial and error method at the race track and are left to guess at its performance level.  Have your engine dyno tuned in our shop and we can work out the best tune up for your engine before you ever go to the track.

Chassis Tuning Service
We have all of the equipment necessary to help you setup your chassis.  We recognize that building high power engines does you no good unless you can apply the horsepower to the ground. A properly tuned chassis will increase you car's performance as well as it's consistency. Bring your car to us and we will weigh it and provide you with a base line 4-link/ladder bar setup.

Differential Repair/Setup
We offer complete drive train service and that includes the rear differential.  Whether you are changing gear ratios, need repair work or just want an inspection, we can help. 

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